Attractions in Albuquerque

There are numerous spectacular attractions in Albuquerque for visitors to enjoy throughout the year. The Sandia Peak Tramway takes passengers on a breathtaking ride from the foothills to the 10,000-foot peaks of the Sandia Mountains, with views of Martian-hued canyons, green forests and wildlife along the way. 

The Petroglyph National Monument offers a unique glimpse into the distant past of indigenous peoples of the area. The Indian Pueblo Culture Center features a network of museums, galleries and gift shops showcasing the history, culture, and arts and crafts of the 19 Pueblo Tribes of New Mexico. The Albuquerque Biological Park, Cliff´s Amusement Park and historic Old Town are all popular spots, as well.

Albuquerque's most popular annual attraction, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, arrives each year in October.

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